Cutting Circles in Woodworking

Woodworking: Cutting Circles Like A Pro

Circle Cutting In Wood

Cutting circles in wood is one of the most challenging tasks in woodworking. Cutting circles that are bigger in size can be cut with the help of cutters or hole saw is quite difficult. Those choices maximize around 7" or something like that. Maybe you need a hole to ascend or require another place in the outside area. Or then again, you need an opening for the perception bubble on your imitation Millennium Falcon.

Saw That Cuts Circles

A jigsaw is a standard tool used for cutting circles in wood. They are used to make finely polished circles. There is one problem while cutting circles with a jigsaw that the jigs used for making circles are of low quality. The solution to this problem is to make a jig yourself. Buying a good jigsaw will make it easier to cut circles.

How To Cut A Circle In Wood

While cutting circles in wood, a fine jig is the most important tool so that there will be no chance to wander off from the circular path. The fine shape of the circle depends upon the jig. First, take accurate measurements according to requirement, then set the position and width of the tool and cut the circle. Make sure to buy a good quality jig, which will help to cut a smooth circle. Routers can also be used to cut the circles and are considered as a preferred tool for cutting circles. While choosing a router, focus on electric power. Get a router with the power of 1.25 HP at least so that the tool will not shut down while working on a hard type of wood.

Tools For Cutting Circles In Wood

The tools which have the capability to cut large circles than saws and drills include the following:
  • Plunge router
  • Circle cutting jig
  • Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw with Circle cutting jig
  • Dremel plunge based attachment

Circle Cutting Jig

In woodworking, it is easy to cut a circle in wood with a jig or router rather than with hand tools. Cutting circles with a jig or router are time-saving as well as easy.

Plunge Router

How to cut a circle in wood with a router? A plunge router is the recommended tool for cutting circles in woodworking. Cutting can be done in any direction. Place the cutting width, press on the button, push the instrument downward, and then move the saw.

Dremel Plunge Base Attachment

How to cut a circle in wood with a drill? Well, that’s quite easy. Dremel can also be used for cutting circles in carpentry. But it will require an attachment which should be plunge based so that it can set up accurately. The jig will also be needed to cut the circle.

Bottom Line

Cutting circles in woodworking can be easily done by using a jigsaw or router, but make sure to use a fine blade so that the edges of the circle are fine and neatly done.

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