Dado joint cut

What is a Dado Joint? How to cut a Dado Joint?

What is a Dado Cut?

Dado cut basically involves a process in which a groove is added into the wooden board. Dado cuts are used for providing a slot so that it is easy to hold the panels of the doors and bottoms of the drawers. Thus a dado cut can be used anywhere in woodworking if a slot is needed.

How to make a Dado Groove with a table saw

Using a table saw is an excellent option to build a dado groove through an easy and quick process. While working with a table saw to cut the dado groove, always install a dado blade first. Two types of blades for dado cut are available. One is a stacked dado blade set, which consists of thin blades. These thin blades are joined to build a groove for dado cut in a specific width. Blade set has blades with different thickness sizes, so different blades can be combined to get the desired result.
The other one has a specific wobble style, which consists of blades that are set up on a disk. Each blade has a specific thickness. There is a change in the angle of the blade when there will be rotation in the disk. And when the blade gets its speed, a wider dado groove can be made. If the position of that disk is changed, grooves with different widths can be formed. There is an advantage in using wobble style dado that the groove formed by it will have a round bottom surface.
But there is one disadvantage that is vibration noise in the table saw. A stacked dado blade is used more commonly as compared to wobble style blades. Both are easily available in the market.

How to Cut Dado Joints with Router

The router is also used to cut dado joints. The speed of the router should be low while cutting dado joints. There should be multiple deep cuts up to ⅙ to ⅛ inches. This will be helpful in preventing burns to the wood pieces. The path in which the cut is made should be straight. If a ¾ inch router is used to cut the dado groove, the cut will be a little bit large in the plywood sheet. The router bits of 23/32 inches are available on the commercial level. The same results can be achieved with it.

Tips to consider when making dado joints with a router

The dado cut should not be deeper than 1/3rd of the wooden piece to prevent the stock from weakening. For example, working with a width of ¾ inches, the cut should be deep only up to ¼ inch. Sometimes dado groove should not be made of full length or breadth of the wood, especially if ‘blind’ or ‘stopped’ dado joint is made. It is more feasible to cut the groove on the router table. Adjust the fence and mark the points on it to build a dado joint. Start the router, then slide the piece over the head and make it go down into the cutter. In the end, before pressing the off button, just slide the wooden piece forward where the stop is marked and then put it back. Before holding the stock up, wait so that the cutting head stops working.

Dado Router Bit

It is used to discard material. You can cut dado joints, rough stock, flat pieces of wood, and route signs. It can build smooth surfaces with unique designs. The extra sharp tips can help to make various sharpenings for different bits.

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