Table saw jointer jig

How To Build A Table Saw Jointer Jig - Easy Steps

Table Saw Jointer Jig

A table saw can be used as a jointer. It is easy to add a jointer to the table saw and it will make your work easier. Some materials like plywood can damage the steel knives so it will be easier to use a table saw as a jointer to cut the hardwoods.

Jointer jig for the table saw

Jointer jig for table saw can be built using plywood. Its breadth and length should be 12 and 48 inches respectively. Also, one strip of sixty inches will be required.
  • Set the router using half-inch cutting and then fix it on the table.
  • The fence of the router table should be one inch apart from the bit.
  • Mark the points on the fence at ¾ inches from the ends of the wooden piece as start and endpoints.
  • Start up the switch and facilitate the board down onto the bit, with the main edge of the board at the far pencil mark. At that point, direct the board along the fence until the following edge of the board has met the following pencil mark.
  • Put the board over and make a slot again. Slots can be made on both sides of the board.
  • Raise the switch bit for 1/8 inch and make four open cuts again, with a similar method. Proceed with the same steps until cuts are made through the slots.

Using a router table as a jointer

A router table is a good choice if the budget is low and space is less. It takes some time in setting the fence though. Jointing shims can be used to save time and make it less painful. Follow the procedure below:
  • Turn off the router and add a bit
  • Sort out shims
  • Unwind the fence
  • Slide down the shims and tight the fence again
  • Put a straight edge over the fence
  • At the end, tighten up the fence in a downward position

Planer vs jointer

If a wooden board is damaged or twisted, a jointer can be used to make the surface of the board flat. A jointer is used to straighten the edges of the board after their flattening. A wood jointer is a cutter with a rotating head that consists of blades that are present between two tables. There are two flat tables in a jointer. The first table consists of a cutting head and is its height can be adjusted according to the need. The second table’s height is equal to the cutting head and cannot be changed. A planer is used to maintain the thickness of the wooden boards and can also be used to flatten the sides. A planer can be a handheld or power tool. A hand planer is mostly used when it is not easy to move the board. While electronic one can be used on the board that has more breadth and is thicker.

2x4 tabletop

2x4 tabletop can serve as an excellent woodworking bench. Its main feature is the flat top. It can be made easily by using 2x4 cut pieces. Firstly, build 3 slabs and then join these slabs. After joining, square up the top. Then start sanding and polish according to the requirement. It is an easy and not too expensive DIY project.

Jointer sled for the table saw

Jointer sled for table saw can also be used as a table saw jointer jig and can be made easily with the help of youtube videos available.


What is a jointer used for?

A jointer is used to build the face of the board and to make an adjacent edge which is flat and is ideally square. It can also be used to flat out the boards, remove any twists, and for the preparation to glue the edges of the board together.

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