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Best Wood Finish For your Furniture: Easy ways For Wood Finishing

Why apply a Wood finish to a piece of furniture?

The furniture in your home is subjected to daily attacks such as impacts, scratches, friction, dust, liquids, and household products. The wood finishes are therefore there to protect them. There are two types of wood finishes: impregnation finishes which penetrate the wood fibers to strengthen them as well as film-forming wood finishes which create a protective film on the surface. Applying a finish to your furniture can also embellish it and give it a decorative style. Indeed, the finishes enhance the grain of the wood, its color, and enhance its appearance and feel.

Varnish and paint

Film-forming wood finishes are products that form a protective film on the surface of the wood. They are often chosen for their decorative style and their very easy maintenance. They also offer your furniture very good resistance to everyday aggressions (scratches, friction, liquids, etc.). To find out why to choose a varnished or painted wood finish.

Why varnish your wooden furniture?

Transparent and very resistant, the varnish is ideal if you want to bring modernity to your antique furniture while keeping the wood visible or if you want to protect your industrial furniture with your 100% natural wood decoration. Appearance and decorative rendering: The aesthetic and decorative aspect is one of the criteria of choice: shine, velvety, touch, highlighting the grain of the wood or the depth of the color. Indeed, the varnish gives a more modern and contemporary style to antique furniture. Resistance: Resistance to liquids, light, and temperature variations may be a criterion of choice. It all depends on how you use it. For a central wooden kitchen island or for a vanity unit in a bathroom exposed to humidity, a varnish that resists water and protects durably is essential.

Why paint your wooden furniture?

If you want to change the decorative style of your furniture, restore color to your interior or if you no longer want to make the wood visible, paint is the right solution. Appearance and decorative rendering: 100% opacifying, the paints today offer an impressive palette of colors as well as some nice decorative effects: mat, lacquer, satin, glitter ... And it is for this reason that the paint is the most used solution for revamping wooden furniture. Repair, renovation, and maintenance: Chosen for its decorative properties, paint is also a finish that requires little or no maintenance. If the old paint is worn out or you no longer like it, strip and sand and apply the new coat of paint.

Wax and oil

Impregnation wood finishes are products that penetrate the wood and protect it from the inside. They do not form a film on the surface, which allows you to make an invisible local touch-up in the event of stains, burns, impacts, scratches). Wax and oil are decorative shades that also work as a wood finish. Find out why to choose an oiled or waxed wood finish

Why wax your wooden furniture?

If you want to embellish your old decorative furniture or antique furniture, Syntilor recommends wax to protect and preserve the beauty of the wood. Discover its decoration and maintenance advantages. Appearance: Wax (also called encaustic) is a very old product that nourishes the wood and makes it shine by polishing. It emphasizes the warmth and naturalness of wood and provides a rustic style. Wax is also used by antique dealers or bargain hunters to give character to antique furniture. Maintenance: Wax is easy to maintain and renovate. Buff regularly with woolen cloth to revive the shine. The main advantage of wax is that you can do local touch-ups, the furniture will always be uniform. No need to strip or sand.

Why oil your wooden furniture?

Industrial, jungle, or even Scandinavian atmosphere… is wood the central element of your decoration? If you are looking for the authenticity of this living material then the oil is the finish for you! Appearance: The oiled finish is used to converse the authenticity, the naturalness, and the warmth of wood while highlighting its specificities. The oil is very popular for its matte appearance, its softness, and silky feel, and its range of decorative shades giving it a very warm color. Resistance: True balm of care, the oils resist all the aggressions of the daily newspaper: heat, liquids, dust, or humidity. Non-greasy and resistant, they can therefore be applied to all rough wooden surfaces. The oils waterproof your furniture and nourish it deeply.

Handing it over to you

Have you identified your wood finish and now want to switch to the application? Discover all our advice and all our tips for applying your wood finish in the rules of the art.

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