Best Orbital Sanders

Best Orbital Sanders For Woodworking: Usage & Types

How to use an Orbital Sander?

A lightweight and handy tool, the orbital sander can be handled on all surfaces - except in angles - using increasingly fine abrasives:
  1. Fixing the abrasive on the sole is done by applying a sanding disc of the correct diameter, possibly fixed by a central bolt embedded in the sole. Hook-and-loop discs are most convenient if the sander pad accepts them.
  2. Bottom-vacuum sanders use perforated sandpaper discs that allow dust to be picked up while sanding.
  3. Usable from roughing to mid-finish, the orbital sander can leave circular marks preventing the best possible finish.
  4. The orbital sander is used with two hands for most machines, or even with one hand for the more compact palm sander.
  5. Never apply pressure to the support, which would tire the engine. In horizontal use, the orbital sander works with its own weight.
  6. The entire base of the abrasive must be in contact with the surface to be sanded.

Random Orbital Sander

These power tools are easy to handle and are used for sanding. The sanding blade has an orbit like action. The angle of rotation between the disk and head is variable.

Random Orbital Sander Vs Orbital Sander

An orbital sander is a sander that works in a circle, rotating the disc. It only moves one way. A random orbital sander, however, is a sander that can oscillate in addition to spinning. This versatile movement eliminates all visible scratches and keeps the sanding pattern more random.

Dewalt Orbital Sander

If you’re looking to limit airborne dust as you sand, check out the corded DEWALT Random Orbit Sander. The sander comes with a detachable dust collection bag and features two speeds (high and low) so you can switch to more power when sanding down especially rough surfaces. This 5-inch, 4-pound sander’s motor is designed for reduced vibration, and it features a rubberized palm grip; both design features help reduce hand fatigue, making the tool easier to use over the duration of your project.

Makita Orbital Sander

When it comes to DIY tools, the Makita brand is one of the best. The Japanese manufacturer high-quality sanders are perfectly suited for demanding jobs. It is for this reason that the brand has managed to attract many followers around the world. Makita is a versatile brand that offers extremely effective devices for hard-working professionals, but also easy-to-use tools for individuals. Either way, the performance of its products always answers the call. In addition, the brand offers a 3-year warranty on most of its tools and machines and a 2-year warranty for Lithium-ion batteries and chargers.

Bosch Orbital Sander

For serious DIYers, considering whether to buy a random orbital sander is pretty similar to weighing the pros and cons of a dishwasher. Sure, you could do the dishes by hand, but it’s a heck of a lot more efficient (and a lot less exhausting) to let an electronic device handle it for you. If you have a lot of small to medium sanding projects on your hands, Bosch’s 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander is great to have around. While it’s not suited to sanding down a whole home’s worth of hardwood floors, it does make quick work of most DIY projects from woodworking to paint stripping. We put the sander to the test to see just what it was capable of. Keep reading for our assessment of the tool’s performance, design, competition, and more.

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